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Scrap and Tubes TOU

These new terms of use (TOU) overwrites any previous versions

Update February, 2013

Thank you for choosing to download or purchase one of my products.

Please take a minute to read my terms.

Several elements have been created by me but I also use items that I bought in shops or freebies that are available on many blogs.  So, I want to say a big thank you to all digital creators for their creativity but also for their generosity.  To see the list of designers that I use or that I used, please refer to my site.

Please, feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or some doubts regarding my TOU.

Scrap and Tubes
Blog: http://scrapandtubes.blogspot.com
Email: scrapandtubes@gmail.com


You can not take my products and claim them as your own (with the exception of several products that are included in my personal use kits - copyright will always belong to the original designer from who I have bought an item or took as a freebie).

It is strictly forbidden to share / publish my products through all types of sites such as: groups, forums, GFX sites, Torrent sites, sharing sites/blogs, Web Hosts other than mine etc...

You may not use any graphic(s) from the zip files to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works. Nor is it permitted to use content (graphic(s)) for any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

Limited Liability:
I. Roy aka ZaZa / Scrap and Tubes shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of these items.


All of my kits are for personal use only.

No commercial use is allowed under any circumstances.

You may not design and sell anything from those kits that will generate you a profit.

You may use my kits for your own personal projects, including digital and Hybrid.

Changes are not allowed, but please, feel free to change the size of an items to suit your projet.

<<<<< CU4CU LICENSE >>>>>

A license is now required for all of my CU4CU products.

This license is totally free and she should be visible on your site.

You can obtain this license on my blog.


My CU4CU items can be used for any commercial use (CU) proposals.

You can use my CU4CU products to make your own :

- Scrap kits
- Scripts/Actions
- Tags
- Blog layouts
- Quick pages (QP)
- Stamps
- Websets
- Stationery
- Craft projects
- Cards
- Calendars
- Candy wrappers
- Hybrid products
- Clothings for Cookies/Posers

My CU4CU products can be used to make items that you can offer or resell to others as CU, as long as they are not offered or sold "as is" (my CU4CU products are not re-seller graphics). They have to be changed/transformed into new products in a major way.

You can use my CU4CU items "as is"  if it's for a personal scrap kit, POD, Clothings for Cookies/Posers or any other projects that are flattened (like cards, calendars etc...). Otherwise, you have to make major changes to the items you want to used.

* Scripts/Actions: you can not take one of my templates and create a script without making any changes IF you include a template version of your script in your file. IF you do not include a template in your file, you do not need to make any changes.

* Print On Demand/POD :  you can use my CU4CU items for POD as long as they are incorporated into your product and flattened when provided to the customer. An appropriate credit is need.

* Clothings designs for Cookies/Posers :  you don't need to make any changes in my CU4CU products if you create clothes for Cookies/Posers.  You can also offer your finished products in CU4CU.

* All copyrights are retained by the original creator of the CU4CU files, I. Roy aka ZaZa/Scrap and Tubes. Graphic images are copyrighted, permission to use, or commercial use licensed by I. Roy aka ZaZa/Scrap and Tubes with all rights reserved.


If you do a tutorial with one of my kits, please credit me: Scrap and Tubes @ http://scrapandtubes.blogspot.com

Never give my kits with your tutorials supplies.  Please, redirect people to my blog, or at one of my stores so they can get the appropriated kit.

<<<<< SPECIAL THANKS >>>>>

* A special thanks to Pink from Pink's Poetic Scraps (http://ladydspinkpalace.blogspot.com/) for the creation of 4 wonderful ribbons she has done for me in exclusives for my CU4CU products.

* Another special thanks to Kesha from KnC Scrapz (http://kncscrapz.blogspot.com) for her written permission regarding the use of these PS Styles for my CU4CU products.

* And finaly, a special thanks to Fa Maura (http://www.famaura.com) for the written permission that she gave me for the use of these PS Styles for my CU4CU products.

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