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Leigh Penrod Digitals TOU

Leigh Penrod Digitals Terms Of Use


Email me at: leighpenrod@gmail.com


All of my products are Quality Checked to ensure your getting the very best for your money!
If by chance something slips by me please send me a email leighpenrod@gmail.com and I will correct the item and send it right to you!

My Pu Tou:

You may use my kits for personal use only no commercial use is allowed!
You may use my kits to create tags, qp's, designer previews, brag book pages, stationary
blog layouts, printables.
You may use my kit designs for web sites, my space, forums as long as it is not foul, vulgar or satanic in nature

You may only download my kits from my blog, forum or stores only no file sharing is allowed
Credit does not have to be included in tags created using my kits
You may not under any circumstances create anything that is vulgar, foul, satanic or risky in content with my designs meaning no nude or half nude pinups to be used to make tags with my kits..
You may not upload my kits to a file hosting site
You may not claim as your own work when making freebies credit must be given for the kit used in making blog layouts,
Quick pages, stationary, designer previews & forum designs
Credit in the following way
Leigh Penrod Digitals, http://www.leighpenroddigitals.blogspot.com

Cu Tou:

You may use my cu items for commercial or personal use only...unless you have purchased my Cu4Cu License which is sold in my store!
You may use my cu items to place in kits you are making for sell or for free
You may use my cu items to create quick pages to give away only
You may resize, recolor, add textures, make into stickers or etc..
You may not use my cu items as another cu item to sell or give away unless you have purchased, does not include my cliparts, they are not allowed as Cu4Cu
my Cu4Cu License in which the product must be altered in some way.
You may not upload my cu items to any hosting site
You may not claim as your own work
Credit is not required..

Crafters License: You must have purchased my 1 time purchase Crafters License to use my s4h kits and cu products as stationary, card making, stamping, or etc.

These terms of use are subject to changeas need be..Please be aware..



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